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Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt

In the Yellow Belt course, you will learn how to deal with problems you encounter in the workplace – and how to get others on board with the solution.

Orange Belt
Orange Belt

Orange Belt training involves taking on a department-wide problem. Applying the Lean Six Sigma approach, you will be able to save more than €10,000. You will learn how to make a business case in agreement with the client and you will develop the skills to lead improvement sessions.

Green Belt
Green Belt

In the Green Belt lessons, you will use the Lean Six Sigma approach to solve a problem that goes beyond the departmental level, leading to savings of more than €25,000 per project. You will take a project through to completion and you will learn to analyse and interpret data using the statistical software Minitab.

Black Belt
Black Belt

When you take Black Belt training you will solve a company-wide problem using the Lean Six Sigma approach, saving more than €50,000 per project. You will be able to get people on board with the process of change, and you will learn to collect facts and make profound data analyses.

Lean Learning®, a unique method

Faster, better and more efficient than classroom courses

We developed Lean Learning® to support our students on their path to obtaining a White, Yellow, Orange, Green or Black Belt certification. Because the lessons are online, you are free to study whenever and wherever you like. You won’t need to travel to a classroom in the rain or get stuck in traffic jams – that sort of hassle belongs to the past if you choose Lean Learning®. Learning at your own pace and convenience is more efficient and leads to better knowledge consolidation.


The most efficient and fun way to become a successful, certified Lean expert – from White Belt to Black Belt

Unlimited access

Gain unlimited access to our learning platform and get support when you need it.

Step-by-step success

Study what you want, when you want. Make your business stand out from the crowd as work your way through a variety of practical assignments.

Immediate results

Quizzes after each video will help you to consolidate your understanding of the material, massively increasing your chances of passing the exam.

Personal experience

We think learning is a personal experience, aimed at overcoming obstacles. Experienced Black Belts who know the challenges ahead are ready to coach you on your path to success.

Learn from experts

Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts are here to support you with over 20 years of experience.

Your own study group

Benefit from the active private study group and share experiences and challenges with other students.


In 2014, we gained recognition as an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC). The IASSC has set worldwide norms and standards for the content of Lean Six Sigma training.


As of 2017, LeanDirect BV is registered at the CRKBO (the Dutch Central Register for Short Vocational Training). In order to be registered at the CRKBO, a company must comply with the Code of Quality for educational institutions for short vocational training. This grants us a guarantee of quality and it also means our training is exempt from VAT in the Netherlands.

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