5 Tips for a successful Lean certification

After leaving work I called called while going home. It was one of my students, they told me they passed for their Black Belt cum laude. She was enthusiastic and thanked me for the coaching. Which according to her, was the decisive factor.

I objected that it was really her perseverance and self-discipline that had given her the good results. We continued to praise each other. This kind of conversation you’d wish upon everyone. As I entered the traffic jam, I decided to find out which tips I could give my students for a successful trajectory.

When I got home, I greeted my family and went to my study, where I wrote the following:

Tip 1: convince your environment

Lean Certification is not a goal but a means. Convince your manager by sketching an ideal situation and tell them you need space and resources to realize them.

Tip 2: start small

If shout out and indicate that you are going to save alot of money, the expectations at work will be high. Before you start with your journey you already have a heavy burden to carry. The first projects are learning projects where you mainly focus on removing frustrations from managers and colleagues. Which are also very important!

Tip 3: coordinate with your partnet

You will also have to study in your own time and work things out. That takes a lot of time that you can not spend on your partner. It’s a good idea to let your partner know beforehand.

Tip 4: allow yourself to be coached

The revenue model of most trainers is selling training. Personal coaching is often omitted. Which is unfortunate, because an experienced coach knows better than anyone how to deal with certain obstacles. He can help you when you are struggling.

Tip 5: choose a Lean course

Opt for an effective Blended Learning that is mainly aimed at practical applications with interactive e-learning, games, simulations, quizzes, case studies, exercises and personal coaching. These are more efficient and often a lot cheaper than traditional training.

Good luck!
I hope these tips help you to choose the right path to successful Lean Certification. Because that exam is not easy. But if you succeed, your future will smile at you. My next post is about how the examination works.

Willem Janssen

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