A Black Belt’s paycheck

In my blogposts I give transparancy about my carreer as a Black Belt.
Now I will go a step further. I will show you what my last paycheck as a Black Belt shows. Why?, you might wonder. The most important reason is that a Black Belt should never fall short financially speaking, provided you keep an eye on the following matters. At the end of this post will be the evidence for this.

To justify your salary you obviously have to achieve a certain performance.
This can can consist of:

  • The realisation of revenue for the company
  • The training and coaching of cowokers casuing the root of the problem to be addressed
  • Creating space for innovation
  • Designing robust procceses and products to prevent waste
  • Make sure that you earn back your wage twiceover.

As a Black Belt you have to make yourself visible to the organisation. They must be able to find you blindfolded if necessary. The danger of being a part of a company permanently is thaty our insufficiently stimulated to act outside of your comfort zone. After all, you are paid as long as you do your trick.
An important factor to maintain and increase your salary is that you have a pattern-breaking effect and do not consider yourself a politician with all kinds of different interests. Do not be taken under the wing of a manger, but be your own leader. See yourself as an entrepreneur who fights for every customer, euro and employee as if it were for your own company.

As a Black Belt you’ll be taught to concentrate on the big fish. In other words, give focus to that where the most profit is. This allows you to be visible, because you realize financial gain.
But you must also ensure the new performance lasts. If you’re only able to make a quick profit without long-term effect, you will lose credibility. You will no longer get any major business-critical assignments and you will be sidetracked. It is very important to realize permanent value in addition to visible value. This might not be immediately visible, but will pay off because of the value you have long-term.
And as promised my last Black Belt paycheck.

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