What Lean course should I choose

One of my White Belt students recently asked: “Which Lean training should I follow next?” I could not immediately give an answer, because every situation is different. Below are some general tips.

 What is your goal?

By following a Lean training you have a specific goal in mind. You should be doing it do it for yourself, and for your company.
It is my experience as a trainer that if you only do it for yourself, the chance of success is small. You simply need others to be successful as a Belt. My advice is therefore to involve others in your ambition.

How large is the playing field?

Part of a Lean training is often solving a practical problem.
The extent of that problem affects the choice of your training. If the problem occurs within your department, take an Orange Belt training. If the problem involves several departments, the Green Belt is an excellent option.

Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma deters many, because many associate that with a difficult program. I always say: if you can not measure it, you can not improve it either. Is the solution to the problem already known? Then I say: solve it. You do not need Lean or Six Sigma for that, but just a good set of brains.

Final words

Do not be tempted by terms like Lean Sensei, Practitioner, Foundation, Boot Camp, Masterclass, Executive or Agile. Choose the Belt training that you think will be successful and that is also good for your career.

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