Why hire a black belt?

Each employee represents a certain value for the company. A black Belt is a function or role that is still reasonably new for many companies. Why would a company hire a Black Belt?
After all, improving processes and realizing high customer satisfaction is everyone’s job?

A Black Belt is a professional who must earn back his wage twiceover. A Black Belt estimates at the beginning of the project how much money he can earn by improving certain processes. And he must also proof those estimates. Black Belts who want to certify must therefore often realize concrete financial benefits based on the improvement projects. At a reputable training institute, you will have to do 2 projects that each will have to generate about € 50,000. With a Master Black Belt you will have to do 2 projects with the yield being at least € 150,000 per project.

But how do you prove that you’ve achieved the required yield? The Black Belt has various options for this:

  • Pilot: demonstrate by means of a practical test, or practice simulation that show the solution works.
  • Experiment: to prove statistically in a safe and constant environment what the effects are when certain variables are changed.
  • Statistical test: to prove that the relationship between the process results and influences is statistically significant and not a coincidence.

At the end of a project, the client or Champion, the financial controller and the training institute will check the evidence.

Adding financial value is of course important to justify your efforts as Black Belt. But in the end it is the sum of the many steps you have taken before. The real value is often that a Black Belt is able to make employees believe in a change, to understand the change and finally to ensure that they unconditionally support this change.
In short: letting employees develop into leaders. Because there is a leader in every employee and the Black Belt strives to ensure that the potential and talent are in favor of the company and customer. A good Black Belt is actually busy with quitting before he starts. A company must ultimately be successful on its own.

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