No more messing around

How do you now ensure that Lean theory really comes alive in practice? That was a puzzle for me that I did not solve it immediately. There are plenty of examples of simulations, such as the well-known Lego games or the imitation of an administrative process. But what is better than trying the online theory in real life? We were given the opportunity to do so at a company that, among other things, repaired TVs. The management assumed correctly that different views can offer alot.

Moreover, my students will be able to see why they followed the course and see it’s serious.

Thinking in solutions

After a briefing by the management, two of our teams explored the current situation around repairing TVs. Soon the ratio came up and people immediately looked for solutions. That proved to be a bit too energetic. So back to basics in order to really understand the current situation. Which helped.
At the end of the training days, the teams presented their findings and the management made a choice. Proving that chosen solutions were correct were the deciding factor. It was also convincing evidence that Lean theory itself works.

An exciting journey

It is better to travel a mile than to read a thousand books about travel, as Confucius once taught us. Getting participants to places where they have not been before gives enrichment and understanding. It was great to see how the Green and Black Belts applied the online theory in a truly challenging environment.
I was grateful to have escorted them.

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