LeanDirect and Human Performance join forces

We have found a wonderful partner in vhp human performance. It’s a design and consultancy company that focuses on creating work environments in which people perform optimally. Both companies thefore focus on sustainable lean work. As introduction: director Peter van Scheijndel and business consultant Patrick Punte speak.

Peter: ” It is perhaps symbolic that Willem and I got to know each other during a 20 km training course in preparation of a marathon. His personality characterized by the same enthusiasm as I recognize in myself. The pragmatic ‘can do’ mentality of Willem also appealed to me. ”

“LeanDirect concentrates tiself on training and education, we advise on business processes.
LeanDirect quantifies costs and benefits in an academic way, we mainly focus on people.
We have various disciplines to focus on people, such as behavioral scientists, human kinesiologists and industrial designers. Our companies clearly add to each others services and we expect to market will recognize this. Customers can expect from us even more solid and reliable services, where theory and practice are perfectally combined.

“Make humans the essence of the future, that is our philosophy. Technical advances offer fantastic opportunities to lead people and make organizations flexible. ”
Patrick: ” Almost all our projects are change projects. If we change the environment, we do so together with the user. We have to put ourselves in their shoes, sometimes literally. ”
Peter: ” Willem and Joran have a passion for their profession and they bring a lot of experience allong with them. Not only is Willem a Black Belt, he is also a university graduate. And Joran is a researcher himself. High quality characterizes both companies. ”

“What we add is a certain critical mass – we are quite a big company in our field. We employ twenty academics who have also earned their spurs in practice.”

Patrick: ” What I like to see is that we are all convinced that both companies reinforce each other. I am really looking forward to this collaboration! “

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