A day in the life of a Master Black Belt

What is it like for a Master Black Belt to be with a client? I will take you through a normal workday.

08:00 The facts
I open up my laptop and analyze the performance of the last workday. What was the work volume, what was the occupancy, what was the productivity per employee, how long was the lead time of orders, how long were the orders processed for, how much waiting time was there, how many orders had to be redone? I make my report and e-mail my findings to the management and team coaches.

09:00 Start of the day
I briefly discuss my analisis with the team coaches and then I attend the start of the day with a coach. In the presence of his team I ask the following questions: how was the performance yesterday? What are the goals today? Which obstacles do you expect? Which are you going to work with? Partly on the basis of the answers, I examine whether a distinction is made between main issues and side issues, between facts and assumptions. I take him aside and discuss my observations.

10:30 Coaching of Green & Black Belts
I discuss the project progress in the presence of the Champions, the clients, with the Green & Black Belts. What are the Belts are problems they encounter, what are they struggling with and what can the Champion help with. Especially convincing employees is often experienced as difficult on a regular basis. I also indicate that doing so is the most challenging part. I tell them to find the underlying reason for the behaviour.

12:00 Lunchmeeting with the client
I discuss with a large manufacturer how we can provide a premium service in the Randstad. Today a faulty television, washing machine or refrigerator and expertly repaired tomorrow.
How should such a service be organized and what influences the speed, quality and price. Parking, traffic jams, crowds, customer expectations, cargo load, supplies? All possible influences are mentioned and we believe that a pilot is a way of determining what the main obstacles are.

15:00 transformation
One of my goals is that the organization will make more profit. That is why we have chosen to transform a functionally organized organization into a process-oriented organization. The big advantage of this is that the number of transfer moments between employees is greatly reduced and that the chance of mistakes is reduced. Together with the new team coaches, I have been planning discussions with the employees whose job has changed. All functions have become heavier and wider because employees are deployed more flexibly at the moment of changes in the workload. We also talk about which behavior is desired. And to what extent this must be realized in the coming year. In addition, we make result agreements about following standard processes and customer focus.

17:00 Coaching of the management
I evaluate my day with the CEO and say what conditions need to be met to be successful. The most important challenge is to let go and encourage the coaches and employees to step up.

18:00 Personal evaluation
The day is over. Going back home, I look back. Did everything go well? Could I have done better somewhere? The answers to these questions I store in my head.

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