Why are other courses so expensive

As my avid readers already know, I’ve been active as a train on Lean Six Sigma for quite a while. I train my students towards Green and Black Belts. With that I am well aware that I ask a lot of my students. The courses mean a considerable investment of time and money.

Other providers

Curious as I am, I looked at the rates of my competitors. I was shocked. My training is by far the cheapest and one of the most successful. How is that possible? I felt a blog post with a commercial approach coming.

My assessment

To become a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you pay and amount ranging from six to twelve thousand euros to my colleagues. I don’ t understand that. If you assume an hourly rate for the lecturer of € 150, ten teaching days of eight hours and eight participants per clas, you would be at € 1.500 per student. There are of course additional costs such as preparation and development of the teaching materials, but they do not justify the enormous amounts you have to pay elsewhere.


If you spend many thousands of euros, you would like to see something in return. As it turns out, only thirty percent of the students are certified as Belt. How did that happen?
I see a number of causes. Attendees:

  • Receive training materials that won’t be used;
  • Have to wait for the curriculum before they can proceed their project;
  • Those who have passed the exam, but don’t have the proper project to apply the methodology

LeanDirect offers exclusively and timely teaching material that the student really needs. And my personal coaching seems to be the deciding factor: of the seven providers I have looked at, I am the only one who does personal coaching.


The conclusion is clear. If you develop and teach the Lean courses, use the Lean principles. Am I really the only one doing so?

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