At LeanDirect, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to become an expert at Lean Six Sigma and change management. That is why our courses are flexible, accessible and efficient. Our instructors are certified Master Black Belts and experts in statistics, econometrics and mathematics.

We stimulate the students’ ownership and leadership by making them responsible for their own learning performance. We provide all the support they may need, but in the end the students are in charge of their own progress.

The people we train to be Green and Black Belts not only possess a strong theoretical foundation but are also driven by passion. We have trained more than a thousand Belts in our online courses. Companies such as Samsung partners and ING Bank are the ones that benefit.


We have formed a strong partnership with vhp human performance, offering Lean Six Sigma and change management consultancy. vhp human performance believe that today’s technological developments can increase people’s capabilities. Technology, data and robots enable us to get a better understanding of our surroundings and to control and change these surroundings where needed. This leads to healthier, happier and more productive people.

The aim of vhp human performance is to increase people’s possibilities to enable them to fully develop themselves.

Thanks to our collaborative efforts with vhp human performance we can offer you a fully integrated Lean Six Sigma and change management service. Your financial, customer and employee performances will thrive.

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Willem Janssen started working as a quality manager in the steel sector in 1996. Along the way he learned which approaches lead to good results, and this – the search for the right approach to a problem – still gives him a lot of energy every day.
In 2014, Willem received his Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certificate from the Lean Six Sigma institute of the University of Amsterdam (IBIS UvA). Only a few people in the Netherlands have met the very strict requirements set by IBIS.
Willem led various Lean Six Sigma projects at the Dutch TV and internet provider Ziggo, saving the company more than €5 million; and under his guidance, Merck reduced their storage facilities by 2,500 units while pallet movements went down to 18,000. These are just a couple of examples of Willem’s outstanding results.


Since 1995, Peter van Scheijndel has been improving work environments and optimising people’s performances. He focuses on projects that bring together technology, organisation and personal skills in new contexts. Having studied human movement science, Peter broadened his knowledge with the postdoctoral training ‘organisation ergonomics’. His management experience nurtured his interest in improving the performance of organisations. In 2002, Peter became the director of vhp human performance.

LeanDirect and vhp human performance have a partnership for consultancy projects.


Joran Lokkerbol delivers complex statistical knowledge in a pleasant and manageable way. He has published several case studies on Lean Six Sigma and is co-author of Lean Six Sigma for Services and Healthcare. He has managed more than 100 Green and Black Belt improvement projects, and received an Excellence Award for his research.

Besides LeanDirect, Joran works for the Trimbos Institute, where he evaluates the cost-effectiveness of mental healthcare. He fulfils the role of head of the Trimbos Center for Mental Health and Economic Evaluation (CMHEE), and also holds a postdoctoral position at the University Medical Center Groningen, where he researches the efficiency of mental healthcare in the northern part of the Netherlands.


Ever since starting his working life in 1995, Peter has been a champion for optimal performance of people in complex working environments. He started out as a scientific researcher at the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research (TNO) and completed his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2002. As a programme leader, Peter specialises in the design and implementation of complex operational environments for companies such as the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Ministry of Defence, the railway infrastructure company ProRail and the police department. Since 2008, he has held several performance management positions at TNO. In 2013, Peter was responsible for the development of the 2014-15 TNO strategy. He joined vhp human performance in 2014, taking a more content-based approach to offering solutions to clients.


Nicolien de Langen started working at vhp human performance in 2006. She has a wealth of experience in advice, research and design projects related to the influence of a person’s environment on their physical and mental burdens. Nicolien’s work takes place in various industries, but primarily in hospitals. With her projects, she aims to create optimal balance between the user’s needs and surroundings. By improving work processes, applying the right technology and optimising the layout of a space, she makes room for users to consider how to best deal with innovations that influence their work. At vhp human performance, Nicolien works as a senior consultant. She is the author of various handbooks and AI journals on human factors.


Jorrit Jansen started working at vhp human performance in 2003. He is an expert at leading advice and design projects in emergency rooms and control rooms, especially traffic control rooms. He has carried out various projects related to organisation, ICT systems and layout of work places for clients in the mobility sector. Jorrit is senior adviser at vhp human performance. He is registered with the Centre for Registration of European Ergonomics (CREE) and has been the (chief) editor for the Dutch Journal of Human Factors (TvHF)..


In her work, Jeanine focuses on setting people in motion. She started her career as a physiotherapist, later becoming a case manager in reintegration projects, and she has been working as a senior advisor and trainer at vhp human performance since 2006. Jeanine focuses attention on health and safety within companies, emphasising potential changes and employing a practical approach that puts people first. She passionately supports companies in mobilising change. Among her clients are breweries, confectionery companies and ceramics companies. Jeanine is co-author of the revised AI-50 magazine “Communiceren over risico’s” (‘Communicating risks’).

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