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Why are your courses priced so appealing?

The theory of the Belt courses must be accessible to everyone at a competetive price regardless of wether or not you are being sponsored by your employer. And once you want to apply the theory, we will be there to guide you. We want you to be successful in practice and create value for others. If you are successful, we are successful.


What explains the price difference between the Private product and the Business product?

The big difference is that the product we offer to individuals (Private) only includes the online modules, theory exam and webinars. ‘Business’ is a combination of e-learning, classroom education and personal coaching. At ‘Business’ we can offer more customization because of the scale advantage of the group.

What are the costs for a coach?

To successfully finish up your first Green or Black Belt project you need a successful coach. 1 coaching session takes an average of 30 minutes including the assessment your project documentation. For which you would pay € 65 per half hour. For the first (learning) project you will need about 5 coaching hours. If there is an experienced coach in your own organization, using an external coach may not be necessary.

What are the additional costs for certification?

If, in addition to obtaining your theory certificate, you also want to be certified for the practical part, you can pay € 300, – at LeanDirect. For this you get an intake and final assessment of 2 projects. Do you want additional certification at IASSC, University of Amsterdam or ASQ then there are additional costs involved. These costs are stated on the website of the institution.

What is the price for re-examination?

If you fail the Green or Black Belt re-examination or if your projects are rejected, you have to pay examination fees again. You can then resit at the next examination moment. If one or both projects are rejected, you will have 3 weeks to make improvements.
The fee for the Green or Black Belt re-examination is € 225. The exam fee for the Green or Black Belt practical exam, final assessment 2 projects, is € 300 euros.

What is Lean Learning®?

Lean Learning® is the most efficient and effective way to make the Lean methodology your own. And as the name implies you will start learning right away. With Lean Learning® you start your training immediately, you determine your own pace, you learn in your own way, in your own time and in your own familiar environment. You also know immediately which course material you do or do not master. Each lesson is tested by means of a Quiz. This way you will not face any surprises during the exam and you can repeat the video lessons as long as necessary.

How long do I have access to the e-learning modules?

You get unlimited access to the teaching materials. In practice, we see that participants on average have completed their Green or Black Belt training within 4-5 months of theory. It is entirely possible that for some reason you need more time, which is no problem at all. It is also possible to download the handouts, datasets and templates to your own environment.

What does the e-learning consist of?

Our theory is visualized with accessible video lessons and exercises. After all, our brain likes images. Another important advantage is that you do not have to wait for others. This way you can determine your own pace. Within Lean we call that ‘Just In Time’.

The e-learning is built up of modules and each module is again composed of lessons. These video lessons take an average of 5 minutes and the teaching material is presented in a short and attractive way by a Lean expert. An extensive program is described on the site.

Each lesson is concluded with a Quiz to determine whether or not you understand the lesson. Part of the e-learning is a case in which you will apply certain Lean approaches. In addition, there are several handouts for taking notes while following the e-learning.

How do I gain access to the e-learning?

After you have paid, you will receive an e-mail with a username and password. If you then log on to the learning platform, your training will be visible under “Courses”.

As soon as you start the course you can resume at any time. The learning platform remembers your progress and the results of the Quizzes. All handouts, review templates and datasets are also available here.

Why should I follow LeanDirect’s courses?

We want you to become a successful and certified Lean expert. And success depends not only on mastering the theory, but also on applying it in practice. We see in practice that many Belts are certified, but that they are not able to convince people into making a change. We ensure with our training and guidance that you are also able to realize lasting value. Because your success is our success.

Successful counseling trajectories are therefore not only based on quantitative factors, but on devoted Belts with attention to human factors. We also often call it a ‘project manager plus’ because of the combination of project management, change management and process management.

What is the value of Lean?

Lean is a way of thinking with associated methods and techniques for making business processes more efficient by identifying and eliminating waste. It is an essential part of process improvement and a way of looking at processes differently.

The client’s wish is leading: only value-adding activities are carried out. All this leads to high speed, flexibility, more output, few defects and low costs.

What is the value of Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is an approach to help the causes of problems emerge with the aid of data. But Six Sigma is much more than just statistics. Did you know that the Belt structure and the project management structure come from the Six Sigma corner? The combination of Lean with Six Sigma provides a powerful approach to permanently resolving problems.

What is the value of change management?

Attitude and behavior of management and employees are crucial factors in the sustainable improvement of processes. Important topics are recognizing resistances against changes and breaking them. But also by mobilizing energy and ownership and developing a shared vision are important here.

As a change agent you are looking for healthy and unhealthy thinking patterns of the people you want to get moving. You do that by asking the right questions, putting the most important arguments in a row and helping to draw the right conclusion.

Can I start with the Green or Black Belt?

You can immediately follow the Green or Black Belt courses because there are no admission requirements. However, we advise candidates in case of doubt to contact us.

What do the Green and Black Belt exams consist of?

The Green or Black Belt exam is English and consists of 40 multiple choice questions. It is an open book exam and you get 2 hours for it. Electronic devices such as a Laptop or Smartphone are not allowed. The exam result remains valid for 5 years. The mark is rounded off to half, with the exception of the mark 5.5. You succeed at a grade of 5.5 or higher.

What do I get when I pass the Green or Black Belt exam?

If you pass the Green or Black Belt exam with positive result, you will receive a certificate stating that you have successfully passed the theoretical exam. You are then a qualified Belt. If you have successfully completed the practical assignment, you will become a certified Belt.

When can I do the Green or Black Belt exam?

After you start the course you have 1 year to do your theory exam. 4 times a year you can take part in the theoretical exam at our office in Haarlem. We are looking at whether we can also offer the exam online.

If you would like the know the upcoming dates please contact us.

What should I do when I fail?

If you fail your exam you are entitled to one retake. If you also fail the re-exam, you will have to pay exam fees again. The exam result theory remains valid for 5 years.

Can I certify myself without projects?

We regularly get the question whether you can be a certified Green or Black Belt without doing to accompanying projects. And the answer to that is no. If you have doubts about a practical assignment, please contact us. Perhaps there are other possibilities such as an internship assignment at a company.

Do I get an official certificate?

You will be certified by us if you meet our certification requirements. The title White, Yellow, Orange, Green and Black Belt is not a protected title, so each training institute can certify to its own standards. Our training and certification requirements are in line with the Lean Six Sigma institute of the University of Amsterdam. This is the standardized institution in the Netherlands when it comes to Lean Six Sigma. They set the bar very high and their certification is seen as very valuable within the business community. Our advice is therefore mainly to look at the certification requirements, because that determines your market value.

We are accredited as Accredited Training Organization (ATO) by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC). IASSC has set global standards for the content of Lean Six Sigma training courses. It is possible to pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt exam in addition to our own certification through our official IASSC, the Lean Six Sigma institute of the University of Amsterdam or the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Additional costs are associated with this.

What are the requirements for certification?

At LeanDirect the requirements for Green or Black Belt certification are as follows. In addition to successfully completing your theoretical exam, you must submit 2 completed projects for certification. The financial results of the projects must amount to more than € 20,000 for Green Belts on an annual basis and € 50,000 for Black Belts. The project documentation must contain a signed statement from the Champion and a financial controller. With these signatures, both declare that the project report gives a realistic view of the project and of the financial benefits. A project can only be handed in by one candidate.

How do I proof the financial gain?

As a Green or Black Belt you have to be able to prove the effectiveness of the solution for your certification. This can be done by:

  • Pilot, prove in practice or by simulation that the chosen solution works;
  • Experiment, statistically proving the effects when parameters are changed;
  • Statistical tests prove that connections between the CTQ and Xs are statistically significant and do not rely on coincidence.
How do I pick a proper project?

You apply the learning in your own Orange, Green or Black Belt project. In the Define module we explain the requirements of a good improvement project. In the e-learning there is a review template in which you record the project results step by step. Important selection criteria for a project include:

  • Connecting your project to the strategic goals of your company;
  • Visibility of your project;
  • Urgency, there is necessity and urgency;
  • Does it contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction?
  • Does the project justify the investments – in other words: does it generate sufficient financial benefits?
  • Are your team members and client (Champion) available?
  • Is the project within the sphere of influence of the Champion?
  • Is there support from the owner of the process and other stakeholders?
  • Can you make enough time for it? (2 days per week for Green and Black Belt project.)
  • Is the availability of measurement data good (speed, accessibility) – choose a process with a high frequency and short cyclical character;
  • The solution to the problem is not yet known.
  • Why do I need minitab?

    For the Green and Black Belt training you must have a PC with the programs Excel, Powerpoint and Minitab (statistical software program, version 17). You will need MiniTab to be able to make good statements about the data you collect. The purchase of Minitab can be done through LeanDirect when it comes to a year license (€ 460 euro, excluding VAT, price 2017) and for a life time version directly through http://www.minitab.com. The price of the annual license is deducted as a discount as soon as you purchase the life time version.

    Note: MiniTab 18 normally only runs on Windows. If you have a Mac you have to install Windows on a program like virtual environment. Unfortunately, the 30-day free trial license does not run on a virtual environment.

    What are the system requirements for the e-learning modules

    Operating system: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. A PC with camera and sound for e-coachingsessions.

    Browser: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox of Internet Explorer 11 or higher.

    Required plugins:

    Internet connection: a minimum of 5 mbps download and 1.2 mbps upload speed.

    A Skype account for the e-coachingsessions. You can add the skypename ‘leandirect’ to your contacts.

    How are the Green or Black Belt exams reviewed?
  • It must follow the DMAIC method: define, measure, analyze, improve and control.
  • There are or will be concrete benefits.
  • There must be consistency.
  • The effectiveness of improvement actions is substantiated.
  • The documentation is to-the-point.
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